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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deload Week


Still deloading, feeling a bit better today. Had some solid sleep last night. Pitch black room, no electronics blinking I usually wake up before my alarm feeling nice and fresh.

Lets get to it.

Static Stretch - 15 minutes - spoke to Professor Butler, allstar physical therapist. He is pointing that people need about 15 minutes of end range stretching per day to get more flexible, so what do I do? Stretch my hips for 15 minutes

Dynamic warmup - I put some cutting edge cardio into my warmup (jump rope) between exercises. Adds about 5 minutes to the warmup. Every time I gain some weight my blood pressure ends up following suit(is that spelled correctly?). So I thought I'd add in a bit more cardio in hopes of saving my blood pump.
Band Bird dogs 2 x 15/side
Band X-walk 2 x 12/side

I just really played around a lot today. today is usually deadlift and farmers/yoke so I wasn't doing them. Instead I did human flags and handstand crap for a long time. I've got some new tricks up my sleeve, you may find me on america's got talent at some point(the gag reels).

Single Leg Deadlifts SS w/box jumps 4 x 5
95 x 5/leg
135 x 5/leg
185 x 3/leg
135 x 10/leg

Ring Absaw - 4 x 10-15

And that was pretty much it...


Like 5 sweet potatoes in olive oil, I'm so fat
1 chicken drumstick

Sweet potato fries in olive oil maybe 2 potatoes?
2 chicken drumsticks

4 fried eggs
olive oil

2 chicken breasts
2 bananas

6-7:00p - 25g BCAA in H2O

8:00 - 2 oranges, 2 bananas, strawberries, 1 grapefruit
1 chicken breasts

3 mashed sweet potatoes with butter and walnuts
2 chicken drum sticks - I made so many of these!


Anonymous said...


What do you usually consume post workout? Thanks!

djpope said...

I usually drink the other half of a fruit smoothie, If i have some lean protein I try to throw it in there at that point. Just trying to get carbs in post workout. Your body is primed to take up carbs into muscle and the liver for storage at that point. Honestly fruit is not the best choice to put carbs into muscle but I guess deciding to eat fruit immediately after is more about health. Potatoes would be paleo friendly alternative, maybe a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Definitely understood... I actually consume milk with a bit of coconut crystals for added carbs; wanted to see what your thoughts were. I will pick up some sweet taters in the next day or two. Let you know how it goes :)

djpope said...

Cool man, its all an experiment in progress. I know all these crossfitters say they get stronger when they go paleo and drop out all these carbs but not me. I usually lose weight and get weaker. i think paleo is a huge step in the right direction for health and performance, but does not take into account workout nutrition as well as it could yet. i think it takes some tweaking. I really like John Berardi and Charles Poliquin's nutritional info about pre/post workout nutrition. Google those guys and tell me what ya think.

Anonymous said...

Definitely agreed... how can you get stronger without carbohydrates? I cant lol I am in the same boat as you.. when I cut out carbs completely I simply lose weight and lean out losing a ton of strength which I can't afford. I have modified my carb intake soley after workouts to hopefully sustain some muscle mass as well as strength... I guess we shall see over some time. I will check out both of these guys... I have heard of them and read about both on T-nation; a bit more research can not do any harm! Have a great weekend and thank you for your help bro. Cya

djpope said...

Def man, One thing that works great for keeping/gaining strength while leaning out/maintaining/trying not to become a fatass is carb cycling. Eating more carbs on days where you are hitting a movement you really want to improve/a certain bodypart and eating less carbs on less important training days and even less on days with no training. I'm working on that right now. Google shelby Starnes for more info on carb cycling.

Anonymous said...

Shelby is great at what he does! Has dave Tate looking better and better each day lol. I was going to pick up his book a while back but never got around to it unfortunately. I have tried this process though. Worked well but I think I have a bit of insulin sensitivity which keeps me from leaning out even when only consuming low amounts or just fruit... damned either way! lol shitttt

djpope said...

Keep truckin brother you'll get there! I still owe you fifty bucks for that axle man don't let me forget. He has a book? I have to buy it!

Anonymous said...

I am trying my best! We shall get around to the fifty but if we don't, it is merely water under the bridge; you are a really nice person and I don't mind what so ever.

He sure does have a book! Check it out on, I am pretty sure it's like 14$. Let me know what you think of it if you buy it.

djpope said...

Definitely Matt, and Ill get ya the fifty next time I see ya no doubt.