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Friday, August 12, 2011

Hummingbirds and hale

Been a little stale with very little posting lately. Thought I'd come back with a little video PR. Baby Hummingbird drinks sugar water for reps. Cutest thing I've ever seen Just another reason why training at popes' gardens is the #1 place to get jacked.

Well, I was doing awesome with my training and then was feeling pretty beat up for about two weeks. I hit a 750lb Yoke walk for 100' with a few drops. Took about a minute. Pretty excited about that. Did a 200lb log viper press each rep from the floor x 8. Log 230 x 5 clean and jerk from the floor, both sets felt heavy.

I trained in a thunderstorm the other day too, it hailed the first 10 minutes and then thunder for 45 minutes. I was scared like a little girl and didn't touch any metal for about an hour. Anyway, here is the hail portion. It was about 90 degrees outside. The weather was confused today.

and here is the wildest rainbow I've ever seen that came after. Glad we didn't get struck by lightning.


8/12/2011 training, finally. You'd think I gave up training and became a full time nature junkie.

Dynamic Warmup + hip/core prehab

105/hand x 100'
200/hand x 50'
250/hand x 50'
275/hand x 115' - new best. Happy this is finally going up again. Wasn't even my grip that failed, was the rest of my body.

Stone Trainer
145 x 3
190 x 3
215 x 3
245 x 2 - These things are hard!

Car Pushes
2 x 400' ya that sucked a little.

A few things I did to get over the plateau I had the past two weeks.

1. Eat more total calories. I went from 4500kcal/day to 5000kcal/day. Body weight is around 185 in the am. My butt seems to be growing, not sure what to make of that. Some say that most of my power comes from my butt.

2. Eat more carbs - I started doing white rice twice per day(before and after) on training days. Those carbs make a big difference.

3. I added in some D-aspartic acid - some studies show it can increase testosterone levels by 40% in 12 days. i thought hell, why not give it a shot. Doesn't seem to have any nasty side effects. Whether or not its the main thing helping me, who knows. I don't care about whether or not its placebo, as long as I'm progressing.

4. Sleeping more - this always helps. getting to sleep by 10ish at night. Sleeping till 6-7am.

5. Man up and get your mind right. I took a step back, I got back to what originally motivated me. I reorganized my training and got excited to get in there and tear up some weights. This is definitely one of the most important things to getting back on track.

Eating has been about the same. Still doing the 3000kcal shake every day split into 3 meals. I do a little 85% dark chocolate in the am also. The two other meals are heavy in meats/eggs/fish(the good stuff) vegetables, potatoes and grass-fed dairy.

I'm back!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Breck Gault, beast from Washington

Hey guys, been some time since posting, still lifting heavy. Nothing big to report. Been really busy with my internship at school. Its an acute care setting in a hospital. Exciting and challenging. 4 weeks in and 2 more to go. I'll try and recap the past week of training.


Dynamic Warmup + Shoulder prehab

Log clean and press each rep.
90 x 5
140 x 5
190 x 5
220 x 6 - right around 1 minute. PR. Felt I could do more with more time but boy is this exhausting.

Viper press, start each rep from the floor.
140 x 5
180 x 10 in 1:30 seconds. Man thats good conditioning.

Incline Bench (maxed around 220 x 7?)

Ring pushups 5 x 6-8 @ 25lbs


Dynamic warmup + hip/core prehab

180lbs x 50'
270 x 50'
360 x 50'
450 x 50'
540 x 50'
650 x 50'
750 x 100' PR - had the first 85' or so under 3o seconds. Took a little over a minute to finish. 1 drop to 80ish, 3-4 drops total. I was spent after this.

Sand Bag shoulder
220lbs x 8 in 60 seconds - last 2 shoulders didn't really fully make it up there but I'm going to stroke my ego and say I did 8.

Tire flip / Arm over arm sled pull
700lbs x 5 / 400lbs x 50'
750lbs x 5 / 400lbs x 50' - didn't stop watch it. I wasn't burning through these, pretty beat after this.

Load 1000lbs of weights back through the woods and into the shed...

Friday (today) - extremely beat after yoke from earlier and just an exhausting week of work.

Dynamic warmup + shoulder prehab

Axle Jerk from Rack - leg drive was not there today.
85 x 3
125 x 3
175 x 3
215 x 3
245 x 3
255 x 8 - missed the 9th. Not bad considering how torn up my back from feeling from yoke earlier in the week. Excited to see what i can hit here when it isn't the last day of the training week.

Axle Push Press - wanted to go heavy here and make up for the push jerk but it wasn't happening today. Better rest up!
125 x 3
175 x 3
215 x 3
175 x 12 - Maybe a PR. Definitely would have been better fresh.

Weighted ring dips and Tricep extensions.

Here's my eating routine for the past few weeks

1 bar of 88% chocolate (375 calories or so)
1/3 of beefcake shake

Salad with vegetables, olive oil and some type of meat/fish/bacon/eggs with more vegetables. Sometimes throw some grassfed cheese in there as well.

4-5:00pm - 1/3 of shake

6-7 training, lots of water

Meat and starch heavy meal. Usually potatos and vegetables

10:00pm - finish the shake off

Finish each day with 4500-5000 calories. I weighed 189 today at the end of the day. probably closer to 185 when I wake up.