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Friday, August 13, 2010

Steve's Club / Crossfit Tribe

I forgot to post about this. The other day I went over to Steve Liberati's place in Pennsauken NJ. He runs a crossfit gym over there and a not for profit program helping kids from Camden through fitness and community.

The kids training when I got there were having a blast. I think they were doing deadlifts, pushups and sprints that day, training like monsters. Anyway, check the website out.

Steve also sells a high quality trail mix called Paleo kits. Basically jerky nuts and berries all packaged together. tastes awesome. The procedes help fund steve's club. You can check them out and purchase them here.

Also did half of the adambrown WOD from the main site the other day and was just going through the motions with it. Felt terrible, posting how I did isn't even worth it...

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