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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progress Pics - 10 years of training

Dan with a crooked smile
Back Shot

Thought I'd post some new pics. been about a year since I last posted. A bit heavier from strongman and eating like a boss.

Dynamic Warmup

bench press is life - SS w/rope dynos
135 x 12
185 x 5
225 x 5
230 x 12
245 x 12
265 x 9 - New bests. getting tired of high rep bench, time to get back down next training cycle. Maybe use the axle so i feel cooler.

Strict neutral pullups SS w/human flags
45 x 12
55 x 12
35 x 15

DB curls / Ring rotary rows / Trap Bar Shrugs

salad w/olive oil and chicken

2 lara logs

4:30 - Shake
4 bananas
3 oranges
2 grapefruit

6:00pm - 20g BCAA and 1 liter water

8:00pm - 2 bananas(hittin it hard)

Sweet potato heaven


kallebeck said...

Your like the most jacked 175lb person who isn't a midget Dan

djpope said...

I think that was the best complement I've ever received, thanks Kalle!