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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get your Swell on

I finally got around to making some home made lara bars. Or more like Lara balls. Everyone at school loved my balls. Er... my coconut balls.

Anyway, they turned out pretty delicious. It took me a while to get the ingredients together. Dates, coconut, coconut oil, raw almonds. Blend and mix, thats pretty much it. Nice and calorie dense to get some fast energy in throughout the day to fuel my enormous biceps.

Boy all this training lately has been wearing me down. I'm getting new bests everywhere and I'm feeling it! I've been telling my body to suck it up mostly. But I know I need to take it easy eventually so I don't get injured.

Static Stretch - T-spine/Lats/Pecs

Dynamic Warmup

Bench Press SS w/pullups

135 x 10

185 x 5

205 x 5

225 x 5

225 x 10

240 x 10

255 x 11 - thought I'd be tired after the previous sets but I rocked these out surprisingly. New Best

Weighted Pull-ups

BW x 5, 5, 5

25lbs x 5

45lbs x 10, 10

55 x 10 - strict, getting my swole on.

Dumbbell Side Bends

60lbs x 10/side

110lbs x 10/side

160lbs x 10/side

I'm so food.






olive oil

Coconut Lara Balls! Everyone loves them!






olive oil

More balls


2 more lara balls

5:00pm - 2 bananas

6-7:30 - 20g BCAA 1 liter water

8:00 - smoothie bananas, oranges, grapefruit, blueberries, platypus eggs


Sweet Potatoes


Chicken Mess from earlier

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