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Friday, April 15, 2011

Gua Sha!

I got my gua sha tools in the mail today. They are a deep massage tool similar to Graston's for anyone familiar out there. Steph is going to hate me. I'm gonna fix her neck!

Our class(class of 2013) met the class of 2014 today. Feels good not to be the new guy. makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Felt like el doo doo before the workout started. Glad I pushed through. Ended up being a good day.

Dynamic Warmup.

Log Cleans (from hang)
140 x 5
180 x 5
230 x 5
250 x 3 - still not feeling awesome. Need to work on these

Atlas Stones - great day for this. My dad got me some more pallets so I wanted to give them a go.
200lbs to 55" x 3
240 to 55"
280 to 55" - new best for height I'm sure. Felt great. I'm usually terrible with high boxes
240 to 60"
200 x couple misses @ 65" - pretty much a stone clean and press at this point. Couple narrow misses.

Aight, you know what it is. Everything I do, I do it beef.
salmon and oil
coffee lara ball

salmon and oil
apple and almond butter
sweet potato and oil

Apple Pie Lara ball

5:30-6:30 - 20g BCAA and water

Rice (OH my god!)
pork chopskies
green beans
Smoothie - citrus and MANanas.

10:00pm Salad and other stuff. Didn't make dinner yet.

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