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Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm a mother lover, you're a mother lover, we should love each other's mothers.

wow, today I really felt terrible. Didn't sleep last night studied all weekend. Had an exam today, 2 the rest of the week and three the next. Needless to say I am Pizumped.

On an awesome note. My 12" log came in today from Pitbull. I did a few reps and boy ya, it hit me in all the right places. My shoulders were hurting(not in a good way), back hurt and even my knee a little. Definitely an ergonomic piece of equipment!

Deload week, perfect timing. No overhead pressing or deadlifts - shorter workouts

Dynamic warmup - didn't stretch for a day and could feel it, pretty lame.
2 x 25 mini band no money
2 x 25 mini band pullapart

Cable Press Lo-Hi 4 x 10 ez SSw/10lb MB slam 4 x 10
(Subbed these for the clean and press)

DB Bench - need more 25's
60 x 8
85 x 5
100lbs x 17 - new best

Ring Reach and row 2 x 15/arm

1 arm pullup work 2 x 3-4
DB Windmill 2 x 15/side

Axle buddy curls 8,7,6... w/85lbs

Nothing to write home about. Strength going up. Was surprised about the PR on DB Bench despite the dump haze I felt like I was getting lost in.

And now I eat

6:00am - 2 chicken drum sticks (organic cage free blah blah)
Sheep's milk cheese (Raw/grass fed blah)

8:30 - 2 eggs with spinach and cheese from above

Handful raw walnuts
3 sweet potatoes
2 chicken drum sticks

2 sweet potatoes
2 chicken drumsticks

5:00 - 1/2 shake of...
4 bananas
5 oranges
2 grapefruit (I had some fruit that was going bad)

6:00-7:00 20g BCAA and water - figured I was deloading, no need for a ton of BCAA

7:30 - 1/2 of shake

9:30 - 3 eggs
2 chicken drumsticks
sweet potato fries

Supp a dups:
5-10g fish oil
vitamin D3 - 2,000 iu
Digestive enzymes with Betain HCl w/each meal
Probiotic (4 strains taken empty stomach w/water in the moaning)
about 2-3 good old fashioned liters of well water per day.


Anonymous said...

Dan, your diet looks and sounds fantastic! This is Matt Hunt by the way :) You think we could discuss diet together one time or another after all of your test taking is done? I have recently gone Paleo/ Primal and could use some tips! Thanks

djpope said...

Any time brother, I've tried it all as far as diets go. I eat pretty much paleo but I do eat butter, sometimes cheese. Its all raw grass fed organic stuff though. I'd eat more of it if it was legal in NJ. Anytime you want give me a call 609 941 4597. I love talking about this stuff. Oh ya, if you want some awesome info on real deal health and wellness check out

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That would be really nice of you to do considering the fact that you are dealing with a big work load at school. I will also check out that website you listed! Thanks and talk to you soon.