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Monday, February 21, 2011

happy to be alive!

Had a ballin day today. School is chaos right now, high levels of work but I'm diggin all the learning I'm doing right now. I've got a few goals for spring break / break between spring and summer semester.

1. Visit the active release chiropractor down the road to learn some more. That dude is smart and is helping lots of people.
2. Visit a ROLF practitioner and learn some more about em.
3. Read like a book warrior
4. Go through some more mobility WODs. That dude rules.
5. Love my girlfriend and family some more(I should have put this one higher)
6. Keep killing my training and nutrition.

2/21/2010 - training

I got the heater up and running for the first time all winter. Perfect time to get it working now that the weather is breaking.

Dynamic warm up

Axle clean once and Jerk for reps SS w/60lb MB Slam 2 x 10
85 x 5
125 x 5
175 x 2
195 x 2
215 x 2
220 x 9 - last rep probably would not have counted but I'll count it because I like to stroke my ego. Strength has been going up like a boss.

Flat DB Press SS w/ring reach and row(feet elevated) 2 x 15, 10
60lbs x 5
80lbs x 5
100lbs x 15, 10

Axle Curl - embarassingly weak - 105 x 8, 85 x 10, 8
Pullup and 1hand pullup work 3 sets various reps
DB Windmill
60 x 8/side
80 x 8/side
100 x 8/side

Getting my eat on. Didn't get as many veg today as I should have.
Bone broth soup w/celery carrots (like half a liter of it)
2 hardboiled eggs

3 sweet potatos with olive oil
1/2 hamburger (venison, 75% grass fed beef - stepping my fat game up)

3 sweet potatos with olive oil
couple slices of Beef Head Cheese (grass fed beef, kidneys and heart) I'm a carnivore
1 hamburger

5:30pm - should have eaten earlier - working on school work instead
1/2 of shake with 2 oranges 4 bananas, strawberries
2 bananas

6:30-7:30 - 40g BCAA with water (branch chain amino acids for the noobs out there)

8:00pm - rest of shake

salmon (wild caught)
Salad with veggies and lots of olive oil
mashed sweet potatos w/butter and walnuts

Call it a day. Time to get my learn on.


Steph said...

Was it nice and toasty with the heater!?

djpope said...

Steph, the toastiness was out of this world!