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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Post!

7/14/2010 - Taking this week as an easy week to let the back heal up. Bench Press felt fine to do. Back feels close to 100%.

Got a new tug of war rope! 50' perfect for rope battling / whip snaps / rope climbing

Shoulder dislocates 5 x 5-10 reps

Whip Smash 3 x 50 reps (rep counted if wave goes all the way down)

Bench Press / Green band assisted 1 hand pullup
95 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 3
185 x 12 / 5 reps/side
195 x 12 / 5 reps/side
205 x 10 / 3 reps/side
215 x 10 / 3 reps/side
220 x 8 / 3 rep/side - called it here on bench, even though I was planning another set. 8th rep tweaker my rt. elbow too. The 215 set was tough, 220 was cake but I had no spotter and was a bit tired from the 215 set. I kept having premonitions of dropping the bar on my neck, which is never good...

Ring goofy stuff
Front levers 5 x 1 second holds
Knees tucked L-seat to Front lever 3 x 4-6
Front Lever (knees tucked) 2 x 10-20 seconds.

And I started drinking coffee again today, SO I'M ALL JACKED UP STILL!


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