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Friday, July 16, 2010


I think the crossfit games finals start tomorrow, I'm pretty pumped! i got to compete against a bunch of the finalists and i'm shooting high for next year. Big time goals to win sections and regions and make it to cali!

First things first, I suck at bodyweight squats

Training today @ the track

Static Stretch

Arm Swings
A, B, C's

Ladder change of direction drills
4 x 3 drills

3 pt cone drill. Stuff I used to do nwith my athletes, fun and exhausting
2 x 10

WOD - 400 meter run, 50 bodyweight squats - 4 rounds for time
10:53 sec. The squats were tough. My 400s averaged 90-100 sec. per lap. pretty slow but my legs were jello for most of the lap.

I think chris spealer did 9:30 or something absurd like that... I'm getting there.

1 comment:

djpope said...

Excuse me! Spealer did this in 8:34!