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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sleeping in the middle of the woods

Alright, Im a little backed up on posts here.

Last night I drove into the middle of the woods at eleven mile national park in colorado. A little unnerving driving alone in the dark into the middle of nowhere. Camp ground ended up having one other person there and I had a chance to chat for a few hours before sleep. Thats a pretty nice thing when you spend your entire day by your lonesome.

The elevation is so high here there is snow on the ground. I started off sleeping in my hammock and had to move into my car because it was so cold! Next morning I woke up to faeries and wood elves outside of my car. That or deer. Very cool place to camp.

Next stop I blasted over to Moab Utah and immediately asked the first bike shop I saw for mountain biking recommendations. I picked one with a mix of good views and some technical riding. I made it about 15 miles out and got a flat tire! Long story short, my bike pump valve did not fit the tire valve. Live and learn. I ran 4 miles back to the car with my bike. Of course there was no one else in sight.

Finished up the day ordering a beer with cole slaw since you can't order a beer by itself. This chased me off to Arizona at night to make my way closer to the south rim of the grand canyon. I ended up sleeping at a campground called Devil's Canyon. Its ridiculously windy! Off to Arizona!

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