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Saturday, April 3, 2010

3/26/10 - Crossfit Sucks!

Just kidding. I hear a lot of negative talk about cross fit from the strength training community but to be honest the top levels athletes are complete animals. I had a chance to compete in the new jersey/new york sectionals over the weekend and let me tell you some of these guys are freakazoids.

Besides having outrageous conditioning some of these guys were saying they deadlift 450 - 500+ lbs push jerk 250 - 300lbs and do german swissle swassles for hours on end! These guys are light too.

Nothing but respect for these guys. I think more people should experience things for themselves before they pass judgement.

I get made fun of so often by my strongman buddies for the level of absurd exercises chosen by the cross fit promoters. (Truth be told I think strongman may be a little more ridiculous) Its really all good fun stuff though, there is a lot of room for creativity and makes the sport lots of fun.

Anyway, I qualified for the Regional Level Competition to be held May 22nd and 23rd I think In Albany New York. Top three from here go to the global level competition held in California, whoop ass.

I must say I qualified for this competition all based on my work for strongman in the past year. I know I’m hard on myself but felt I was very poorly prepared for the competition and know I’ll be a freak of nature by the time regionals come around. I’d love to get on the top three level but damn do I have some work to do. Lets get it!

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