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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Chapter!

What up guys?

2 pieces ezekial bread
1 pear with almond butter
2 over easy eggs
1/2 avocado

I recently finished up at work and am embarking on a journey across the US via Honda Civic. Pretty pumped. I'm training across the US at various crossfit gyms and plan to hit:

Grand Canyon
Grand Teton

among other places. Let me know if I need to check out some other places. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics/video.

Check out my facebook for photo updates!!/profile.php?id=8803328&ref=profile

Training has been solid, not much time to post but I did recently hit a 315lb behind the neck push jerk. Big lift for me. I was figuring my strength would go down with so much conditioning and weight loss. This made me feel incredible!

I've got some stuff I'm taking along the way to get some great training sessions in along the road - paralettes, rings, med ball, bands. We'll see how I use them huh?

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