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Saturday, April 3, 2010

4/1/10 - Get After it!

Am Training:

Rope Dynamic Warmup

Dumbbell Man makers and suicide runs 10 min worth
15lb Dbs and 10 suicides about 50ft. Did a little over 4 sets of each

Swiss Ball: 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest - 3 rounds
Pot Stir
Lying Hip Extension + Knee Flexion
Jack Knife
X-Band Wide Out

Noon Training: - Never enough training

3 rounds
Explosive Med ball chest pass x 8
1 leg tuck jump x 5/side

3 rounds
Med Ball punch pass x 5/side
40lb med Ball Burpee snatch and slam x 10

3 rounds
Sled Push and Box Jump combo 20 total jumps to 40” box and 100ft push

Band Resisted forward to backward run
3 x 10

Barbell Clean and Jerk
Worked up to 235 x 2
Band Knee Draw-in x 20-50 reps

3 rounds
Ladder pushups - mini band around wrists
1h ring recline row x 6-8

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