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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is my decree

'We are our own worst inhibitors"
- Laird Hamilton

I made a decision today. I realized all the excuses I was making. I'll never be a pro strongman because x, y, z (too short, not willing to take drugs, insert bullshit excuse here). I'm removing all the crap and just allowing myself to get to where I want to be. No more crap. By the end of summer 2011 I'm going to be competitive at the top amateur/pro lightweight level. The progress I have been making lately when my head is in the right place has been astounding and makes me believe in myself. Here what I think I'll need to do to get there. Let me know what you guys think?

Axle Clean and Press - 350-360lbs x 1 (currently 300lbs)
Log Clean and Press - 330-340 x 1 (currently 270lbs)
Deadlift - 650 x 1 (Currently 500lbs x 4)
Farmers - 400lbs x 50' + (355/hand x 25')
Yoke - 950lbs x 50' + (800lbs x 50')
Stone - 400lbs x 3 reps (340 x 1, 310 x 3 @45")

Going to let my weight do what it wants to do with big eating. I'm around 185lbs at the end of a good eating day right now. I think I'll be capable of some big things when closer to 200lbs.

This is a huge goal for me and its going to be a sweet journey. let's release the brakes baby...

Dynamic Warmup - extra calf stretching since my achilles have been acting up with yoke.

Log clean once and press for reps
90 x 3-5
140 x 3
180 x 3
200 x 1 Belt on
220 x 1
220 x 9 - should have had that 10th rep, PR

Log Viper Press
140 x 5
170 x 5 belt on
190 x 5
210 x 3 - PR still pretty weak here.
bicep acting up. May take it easy on the stones this friday, we'll see.

Sternum Pullups 3 x 10-6
Ring Face Pull 3 x 10-15

Ring Ab Saw
Cable Bicep Curl w rope - 3 x 6-12

Band No-moneys 3 x 10-15

Food - steady at 4500-5000kcal/day
9:00am - half of the mucus shake
4 bananas
1 cup coconut shredded
4TBSP red palm oil(secret mucus agent)
2 cups raw milk

2 sweet potatos
roasted asparagus, red peppers and broccoli w/garlic and coconut oil
Gulash made w/ground beef/venison, onion, tomato paste, salsa, and tomato paste
(won't be making that one again)

4:30 - other half of mucus shake

6:30 - 20g BCAA and water

Saute baby spinach w/garlic and mushrooms
2 plantains cooked in bacon lard

12:00pm - Planning on a late night of studying
Salad w/veggies and olive oil dressing



Your Cousin Andrew said...

a)you will suceed
b) don't do drugs, drugs are for dummies. Ask Hulk Hogan
I know where you are coming from. 6-7 years ago, I was talked out of applying to law school. Now, I say my grades might not make it, I might not score well enough, I do not have good enough references. Well, I really haven't anything to lose. I got no where to go but up from here. Let's do it family. eye of the tiger

djpope said...

Go Popes! Don't worry Andrew i'm not planning on taking any drugs. let me know how law school goes. best of luck!

Tim Marshall said...

you have a champion attitude! much respect, i strongly believe that with that kind of commitment and a no excuse mentality its not gonna be a case of if. but a case of when.. all the best mate

djpope said...

Thanks Tim, I appreciate it.