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Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

Trained in Joe's labrynth gym today with Matt and Joe. Joe loves pullups so we did eleventy trillion pullups today. Here's the crazy setup

Standard kipping/butterfly pullup x max reps
rest 30-40 sec.
Standard chinup
rest 30-40 sec.
neutral grip pullup
rest 30-40 sec.
softball grip pullup
rest 30-40 sec.
Wood Rock climbing grip pullups
rest 30-40 sec.
2 finger ring pullups
rest 30-40 sec.
upside down wood rock climbing pullup - these were stupid hard x max reps
rest 30-40 sec.
Recline rows x max reps

Two sets of this. First set I got 60 kipping pullups. New best here. Technique was not the best but if i pulled any higher I would have scraped my face off on the ceiling, I guess I'm just not that hardcore. Second set I got 48. Don't even ask me how many i did on the other types of pullups. I blacked out after the first set. Joe did 75(ya this guy's a nut) pullups first set and matt, 36. Vids up on youtuber. Curious to see what i can do next week.

BB complex
8 snatches
8 cleans
8 rows
8 shrugs
100lbs x 2 sets

After this we went outside and threw a giant weight attached to a ring around for a bit. great fun.

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