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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Great training day at Steve's was planning on some deadlifting and Lunges but got some surprise metcon work instead, I'll do the deads and lunges fritag.



Foam rolling + warmup on the met-con exercises

7 squat Cleans @155lbs
10 Walking Lunges with a 45lb plate held overhead
7 burpees
10 Walking Lunges with a 45lb plate held overhead

AMRAP(as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes.

I got 7 rounds and 1 squat clean - 20 minutes is a long time to be moving

5:00pm Steve and I were getting pumped up by the kids training and decided to hit another skill oriented met-con

1:00 - 15-20ft rope climb(dunno how high it is)
1:00 - rest
1:00 - Rope Double Unders
1:00 - rest

4 rounds.
On the rope climbs I did 3,5,5,4 - first set I messed up the workout time.
Double Unders were 90, 75, 90, 90 I think

Good day. I love this shit. Can't wait for friday.

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