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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Progress Pictures + 7/27/2010 training

Here are a couple progress pictures, Been training since I was about 14, weights started at 16. Not training for size, I've been impressed with what crossfit has been doing for my body. My diet plays an equal role though.

Good day today. I needed it badly from such a terrible workout yesterday.

Turkish Gets
45lbs x 3/side
75 x 5/side - PR both sides
95 x 2 Left (almost 3) x 3 Right both PRs

Complicated WOD -here's a video if you are too confused -
Basically I did 10 rounds of 155lb Clean and Jerks
First round 1 rep, second round 2 reps, etc up to 10 reps.
Between each round of clean and jerk I did a "cindy" which is 15 bodyweight squats, 10 pushups, and 5 pullups

Finished in 17:55 - Khalipa did it mid 14's and spealler in the 12s. This was TOUGH. Only thing that didn;t feel too tough were the pullups. I need to get better at conditioning with barbells, as well as bodyweight stuff..... Damn where don't I need improvement?

Happy with this. Definitely need to get better though. This just exposes a weakness to work on.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Looking great, Dan. BTW, this is Barney (Conor's dad). I am gonna try do some complexes to speed up the fat loss. Not ready for crossfit yet.

Rex said...

What happened? Did you get stung by bees?! hahaha! When are you going to make an appearance up north bro. We're all waiting for you!!!

Steph said...

Looks great Dan! I'm hoping that facial hair gets erased over night :) he he j/k

Anonymous said...

yo its adamo, i was sitting im my computer chair thinking about how easy that wod kinda sounds, then i noticed i was out of breath, my body apparently thinks otherwise

djpope said...

Hey Barney! Good to hear from you. The complexes are an awesome idea for fat loss, they're brutal. Crossfit workouts can be scaled down to fit anyone's level though. I just try all the stupid hard stuff because I have a big ego.

djpope said...

Rex I found a couple bottles of synthol and thought I'd give it a go. Turned out pretty good! I'll be the first to let you know when Im headed back north. Finals are next week for school, I'll be up soon!

djpope said...

Steph I can't explain this but every time I shave I lose a little bit of myself.

djpope said...

Joe if you can make that workout easy you're the man. The pull ups were easy but everything else was pretty tough for me. The clean and jerks were what slowed me down the most after the 5th set. But the squats and pushups were surprisingly tough.