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Thursday, July 29, 2010

blew a casket today

7/29/2010 training

Went into today's workout tired.

Foam/baseball roll
Hip/quad/priformis static stretches

135 x 5, 5
225 x 3, 3
275 x 3
305 x 1
345 x 1
375 x 1
405 x 3 - slowly getting back into deadlifting, no belt

Overhead Lunge - last few reps tweaked my back, going a little heavy on these
45 x 8/leg
95 x 8/leg
135 x 6/leg
185 x 6/leg
200 x 3/leg Big new PR technique here not bad, I have a video Mike took, I'll get it up later

Here's where it got sticky...

WOD - mountain sectional
6 squat cleans @135
9 Chest to bar pullups
12 box jumps 24"
AMRAP in 10 minutes. I did three in 3:30, and felt my throat tighten up... never happened before. Struggled through another round and quit. Never had that feeling before. Hopefully it never happens again. I think its just a sign I was pushing a little too hard this week. The winner at that sectional did just over 6 rounds. next time I hit this WOD I'm going to kill that.

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