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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New template

I figured the last program I was rolling through needed to be changed since it jacked up my back and knees. Here's a rough copy of what i'm doing now

Foam / baseball rolling
Static stretch hips, quads, piriformis
Snatch Mobility drills

Box Jumps single and double leg 2-3 x 3-5

Snatch Variation max 1-3 reps
Clean and Jerk variation max 1-3 reps
High rep snatch or clean variation 1 set.
Squat variation max 1-5 reps

Tough Plank variation 3 - 5 x 5-50


Foam / baseball rolling
Static stretch hips, quads, piriformis

Get-up variation 3-5 x 3-10 reps

WOD - Mostly lower body stuff

puke/go home crying


Shoulder + Thoracic Mobility schtuff

Med Ball throws 2-3 x 3-5

Bench press / 1handed row variation usually wave the volume and sets

Ring Abdominal stuff - Front levers, L-seat, flag work


Foam / baseball rolling
Static stretch hips, quads, piriformis

Deadlift variation - week 1 speed, week 2 heavy, week 3 speed, week 4 Deadlift WOD. this uber complicated strategy is really just to make sure I don't blow discs out my back weekly because I'm putting too much stress on my back.

Lunge variation 2 - 5 x 4-12 reps/leg

WOD - with upper body stuff too


Track stuff @ winslow highschool.

Skipping warmup

Agility/ladder drills 3-5 sets

track nonsense - 100's up to 400's, If I'm feeling masochistic then 800's.


Shoulder + Thoracic Mobility schtuff

Lift/chop variation

Weighted dip variation / weighted pull-up variation.

Well, thats my feeble effort at program design. Is it too complicated? yes. Does it make little to no sense? yes. Will it make me better? Beats me.

Honestly I made this program based on the things I know about my body, the sport I'm trying to get better at (crossfit) and all the learning I've done this far about training. i'm still looking for someone else who's really interested in not just competing in crossfit but winning. Let me know, my setup is sweet!

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