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Friday, July 15, 2011


training 7/15/2011


Dynamic warmup

Tire flips
550 x 5, 5
725 x 5
875 x 5 - PR

180 x 40'
360 x 40'
550 x 40'
700 x 40' - beltless PR was moving quick. tweaked my back and called it there. Was looking forward to going heavier. thought I shouldn't risk it. there was a time where 700lbs felt like it was cemented to the ground even with a belt. I'll chalk it up to a win even though I was angry I hurt myself.

Reverse to forward sled drags
300lbs x 200' x 3 sets

not a bad day. Decent ending to a poor training week even though I tweaked my back. trying not to worry about it and to look forward to funday monday

Beef Cake shake - made it around 2500 calories and had half in the am and half before training.

For lunch I had mixed greens, sweet potato, grass fed cheese, eggs and friends onions and mushrooms.

training I had coffee and water

not sure whats for dinner yet.

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