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Monday, July 18, 2011

Allllll the way Turnt Up!

Crank it to the max.

Had a great day today training, after a pretty poor showing last week. My back is feeling much better and held up very well today.

I have to say. I've been training everyday next to alpacas that choose to defecate everyday day right next to where we train. Its about 230 degrees out everyday. We have a bunch of very dedicated people training (thanks Matt, Greg and Nick) day in and day out. We turn the music loud, and encourage each other. We've turned one of what would have been one of the worst situations into a great one. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to a normal gym.


Dynamic Warmup, Plyos and shoulder prehab

Axle Push Jerk from the rack
85 x 5
125 x 5
175 x 5 - belt on - didn't want to risk my back at all today.
215 x 3
265 x 3 - felt light, good feeling
290 x 3 - PR. Big new best. Felt great. Had a mild sense of euphoria for the rest of the day because of this (probably from holding my breath and the lack of oxygen to my brain, heh)

Axle Push Press - belt on for safety. I like to do these beltless usually to strengthen the spine and core musculature. Not taking any risks today
125 x 8
175 x 8
195 x 8
215 x 10 - PR belt makes it much easier, definitely better at this now then my previous bests.

Ring Dips SS w/ OH tricep extensions (cable)
4 x 4-6 @ 55lbs - focus on range of motion and tempo -

Shoulder Scaption 3 x 10-15
Band abdominal fallouts 2 x 8-10

Been killing it with the eating lately. Beefcake shake has been nice and easy to make. Calories have been going up. I feel myself getting more muscular without too much fatty mc fat weight (its there though!)

7:00 - half a beef shake

12:00 - salad w/veggies and olive oil dressing, cheese and blueberries
3 barbecued chicken drum sticks

5:00pm - more beef shake and a coffee

6:00pm - lots of water with training

8:00 - rest of beef shake, steph bought me a nantucket nectars drink. freaking love those.

10:30 - little late. Made bacon eggs fried mushrooms and onions. Yummy.

and I had too much caffeine today... Night!

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