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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

Whats up guys.

I'm feeling recharged from the competition saturday. I woke up the following morning with some insane pain in my upper back. Luckily it subsided a few days later after a couple back massages with greg. The man has magic fingers. I'm really jacked up about my training for the next few months. I'm switching up my training a bit to focus more on my pressing events. I started eating a bit more too.

In addition to the Dr. Mark Houston hypertension program I've been on I've added in 2-3 days per week of 30 minute walks. We'll see how this all pans out!


Dynamic warmup - I cut out a lot of the cardio in the warmup for a bit more stretching.

Band No Money 2 x 15
band Pull apart 2 x 20

Axle Jerk from Rack
125 x 5
175 x 3
215 x 1
265 x 1 - belt and wraps on
220 x 13 - PR I wasn't feeling adjusted to the axle yet so I kept the weight low. Still rocked out a bunch of good reps

Axle Push Press - No belt - New exercise for me I really want to get my press strong.
125 x 6
145 x 6
175 x 6
200 x 6 - I remember getting 225 for 7 in the past I'm sure this will go up quickly.

45 degree Incline Axle Bench
125 x 8
145 x 8
175 x 8
195 x 8 - Again pretty light weights I know these will go up fast.

A billion sets of axle curls for the gurls.

Diet - trying to get a solid 5,000kcal every day now.

8:00am 1/2 of this shake
2 cups whole milk
1 cup shredded coconut
2 TBSP Red Organic Palm Oil
4 bananas

Bunch of Salmon fried in olive oil and herbs

other half of shake

6:00 20g BCAA and water

8:00 - stuff fest
4 sweet potatos frie form cooked in coconut oil
Venison tenderloin fried in pork lard

11:00 - Same as 8:00

Man that was a lot of food. I need to step up my eating game.

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