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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turn my Swag on.

mmm, perfect picture.

Well, I think I set a PR for saturated fat consumption this morning. I found a grass fed organic pint of heavy whipping cream and I mixed it with a coffee and slugged it. Best energy drink money can buy. Came out to 540% of my saturated fat for the day in one sitting and 1,600 calories. I'm a boss!

On the way to Chris Weaver's today I had my cow blast energy drink along with some dark chocolate. I've got to say that while I was driving, I was JACKED up! So pumped I was singing to britney spears the whole time.

In attendance today was the sexy Brett Somerville, Rob Agnoli Canoli, Chris Weaver and Christina Lafax. Haven't trained with these guys in ages so needless to say I was pumped!

By the time I got to Chris's place my heart rate was through the roof and I was feeling quite uncomfortable and jittery so I decided to forego the warmup and jump straight into the yoke. COLD SHOCK! No better exercise to warm up the body then throwing hundreds of pounds on the spine directly.

400lbs x 50'
600lbs x 50'
700lbs x 50'
800lbs x 45' - took me 60 seconds. Definitely a new best. Chris's yoke is super comfortable. I think it tore 60% of the skin off of my upper back. That's ok though my back needed a trim anyway. I felt pretty winded after this.

Farmer's Walk
I forget the warmup weights.
135lbs/hand x 50'
220 x 50'
275 x 50'
335 x 25' 355 x 15' - can't believe I did this. Both sets were new bests. First time ever picking up over 700lbs.

Stones - I caught a glimpse of Rob Agnoli's bare chest before I started stones and knew that was all the motivation I need today to get some new bests.
275lbs x 3 @ 47"
315lbs x 1 @47"
340lbs x 1 @ 42" 365 x lap and missed the load. Think these are both new bests.
275 x 8 @ 47"

All in all I had an excellent time. I can't get over how strong everyone is. Chris and Brett both did farmer's deadlifts with 475lbs per hand and Christina had a run with 275lbs per hand. Rob is a chiseled 255lbs and is looking more ripped then ever. It looks like Brett and Rob are both persuing their doctorate at taco bell, which is great! (I think I almost pooped my pants when Brett said this)

We had some deep philosophical discussion after training about strongman, poop and getting drunk and it was the most fun I've had in a long time! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks Chris for the place to lift and Rob for the tape (which I stole because I brought my own secretly). I took a bunch of videos of us lifting. I'll get them up once I'm home and have access to my own computer. PEACE!


kallebeck said...

Damn Dan Your lifts are reaching absurd levels.

djpope said...

Thanks Kalle, i think its the beef lard! I spent the whole winter off training weird stuff, having fun. I'm, feeling really motivated to get stronger now i think thats why everything is falling in place with training, eating and recovery.