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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yosemite Gym

5/3/10 - Yosemite! Best Gym in California

Just entered Yosemite and set up camp so not much to write about yet. Getting pretty serious about my training now. I’m planning on 3 per days for the next couple days out here. Very intense stuff not lasting more then 5-15 minutes

Dynamic warmup and foam roll.

50-70lb Stone clean and press x 5
150ft steep friggin hill sprint

I did as many rounds as I could in 10 minutes, think I finished 6 and a half, can’t remember, I was too dizzy. Sleep time!

Scratch that, ended up talking to my neighbors for about an hour about where to go the next day in Yosemite. Everyone has been incredibly friendly, which has been great for me considering that I’m all alone!

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