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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Las Vegas

4/31/10 - Vegas! - PM to AM…

Well, Vegas is very visually impressive. Drove down the strip and just got really excited. People EVERYWHERE! I parked at Bally’s loaded up some drinks and headed outside. Did I mention that drinking on the strip is legal? Its pandemonium out here.

One thing I immediately noticed is the squads of immigrants in groups handing out what look like baseball cards with pictures of naked women on the front and back. Basically these are escort baseball cards. Apparently these gorgeous girls will be at your room in twenty minutes ready to please! If you allow one person to give you a card, fifteen more will swarm you and force more prostitution playing cards into your hands. I got one card and fifteen seconds later was holding about fifty, lesson learned.

After walking around a bit and being friendly I quickly started hanging out with two guys I met randomly. They were hungry and wanted to go to a buffet at Bellagio. I already ate but tagged along. This ended up in a free 40 dollar buffet at Bellagio! Ostrich, quail. Swordfish, king crab, lobster, filet mignon, I was a kid in a candy store. After the stuff fest it was off to the strip again to check out the casinos. After a little unsuccessful gambling and free drinks our group grew a bit and we headed off to the bar coyote ugly. After a bunch of dancing and fun I decided I wanted to split off and do something else. At this point it was around 1am?

Found myself at a club dancing with a group of 40+ year old women for about 3 hours! Vegas takes you to funny places. After the club closed at 4 am I wondered around looking for the entrance and my car.

Bumped into two 22 year old guys in the restroom. One was passed out surrounded in his own vomit, the other I started talking to. Turns out he’s an active members of the bloods gang out of California. He kept saying something about living in p-750 or something and making these gang signs with his hands. Nice guy anyway. He says his three year old son is “bad ass” which apparentally means giving the finger to people, throwing gang signs and saying f-you to his parents when they ask him to do something. Gangster parenting!

After wandering aimlessly a bit more looking for my car it was getting light out. I bumped into a couple of girls walking to a “military base” of sorts. I’m pretty sure they were drugged out as they were extremely confused and kept asking me the same questions over and over again. Very funny.

Started talking to another young man on the streets who is living in cali and working to become a famous actor! He even gave me his card. I didn’t understand what he was saying at first, he kept asking if the military base girls were “working” Later he told me how stoned he was and I figured he thought they were either police or prostitutes.

He asked me to give him a ride and I agreed even though he had no idea where he was going. He was getting more and more paranoid from what I could see. He kept asking over and over again if I was working, which I reassured him I wasn’t. Out of nowhere he said, “I think I’m going to go the other way” and immediately started running away from me! I guess he thought I was a cop or a prostitute, great!

Finally I found Bally’s and since I had no one to tell my story to I tried talking to a couple on the escalator. They thought I was a crazy drunk and ignored me! Wow, I knew at this time it was time to get out of Vegas! I found my car and started driving to Sequoia national park to go see my old buddy Trevor from Rutgers! Sleep is the cousin of death!

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clickmom said...

I'm glad you're out of there. Sounds like an episode of the twilight zone.