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Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Yosemite training

5/4/10 - The highest quality Barbell you're going to find on the top of a mountain!

Time to stop messing around with my training.

Did a triple session today on top of a 5 mile ascent and 5 mile descent at Yosemite falls, 2,700 ft. altitude change.

AM training:

Set the rings up for muscle ups and


The first muscle up I did ended up pulling the tree down. Besides being hilarious it ended up being alright, I wasn’t hurt and found another spot, sorry for that Yosemite.

Muscle ups 10, 8,6,4,2
Jump Rope Double Unders 40,40,40,40,40

1 round of 10 muscleups and then followed by 40 double unders, then 8 muscleups and 40 double unders and so on.

Finished in 8:05

Noon training - altitude training! I did this one on the top of Yosemite falls, very make shift session

30 burpee pullups - to a tree branch
30 Giant branch Zercher Squats
30 Explosive pushups
30 Giant branch walking lunges
30 Situp to jump

Finished in 9:58 - very difficult after the hike. Cool place to train.

Evening training: Felt like dump after descending the mountain, but I’m trying to improve my work capacity so I saddled up, stopped feeling sorry for myself, ate a bunch, and then did this..

Hill Sprints: 100 yards uphill 4 x as fast as possible

Thoroughly exhausted after this. I just know someone else out there is working harder then me. Can’t let that happen!


Steph said...

So I think I have realized what your winning edge to the Regional Cross-Fit Competition is!.....Exciting.....Ok,so you have hopefully adjusted to the altitude and have lots of extra RBCs floating around from your high-altitude training. Not sure how long these effects will last, I'll look into it. If not long, you make have to high-tail it back to the east coast from west-coast mountains in time for your competition and the win! Plan?

djpope said...