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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sequoia National Forest

5/1/10 - BIG TREES!

Quite difficult to operate after skipping a night of sleep. Met up with Trevor in the exciting city of Exeter, also known as eggs eater, according to Trevor. Sequoia and Kings Canyon Park is stunning.

Sequoia trees grow to just below 300 feet and are as wide as 40 ft wide at the base. Words can’t really describe them so I won’t begin to try. Take a trip to Sequoia to see the largest trees in the world named general Sherman and General Grant!

Exciting notes in Sequoia, according to Pat the stranger, pomegranate juice will lead to easy aging and attaching a hammock to a tree in the dark will sometimes end badly, if you end up attaching one end of your hammock to a fallen tree, dangling to another tree.

Not as stable as a sequoia...

Kings canyon was equally if not more impressive. We did not do much hiking here but there was plenty of driving and awe inspiring views of canyons, snowy peaks, lush green valleys and waterfalls.

Finished up the trip with Guinness, caribou lou and burning about 50 pounds of pine needles. It was great to see Trevor again and hopefully it won’t be long until we meet again. By the way, that tree above is 40 ft. wide.

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