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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hudson valley Strongman comp.

Alright, I just woke up from a two hour nap and feel like I'm on another planet right now.

Okie dokie, yesterday was the Hudson Valley show put on by Mr. Steve Engels. He always puts on an excellent show, this one was no exception.

I show up around 9:30 and head up to register and weigh in. The scale wavers as I step on, I've been eating a little bit more the past two weeks and my weight could be revolutionary. The numbers finally settle and I come in at a ground pounding 180lbs! (I was cheating a little bit because I had all my stuff stuffed in my pockets but I never thought I'd hit 180lbs without it...)

Well anyway its up from the meager 170-175 I've been so I won't complain.

First event max axle C+P: Haven't used the axle in about 10 months. Messed around with it once before the comp and I was rusty! so I wasn't especially pumped for this event. Anyway, after warmups I was feeling strong and opened at 240. Went up easy. 260 went up pretty easy too. I called for 280. The clean was easy but the press wasn't there. I won't even lie it wasn't that close. 2nd place here.

Second Event 18" silver dollar deadlift. I forgot what this event was called and kept calling it the quarterdeadlift. I'm pretty cool. Anyway my best 18" pull going into this was 575 so I had my doubts when everyone was saying, "yea I've pulled around 700lbs on rack pulls." I'm like uh oh I hope I get 600. I open at 550, easy. Then go 600, easy. Its a wessels rule lift so I only get one more lift. I'm feeling like a young stupid stallionaire so I just go for 700. Aaaaaaaand missed it. I actually got the whole thing off the ground and thought I might lock it at one point but NOPE. Pretty surprised at my strength here though. Atleast I didn't poop myself. Think I tied for 3rd.

Next was Conan's wheel
. Not much to report here. I had to go first and conan's blows butt. I got 600lbs for 115'. Then everyone did better then me... Heh, well not everyone. I think I could have been better here thats all. 3rd.

Next was 2 kegs (230lbs each) run 25' with each one and load it over a yoke and then run over to 2 power stairs implements and get em up two steps (275, 300lbs 18") This one was fun. I went first again and was happy with my time. 33:23. Then two more people beat me, AG! I actually wasn't mad at all.

And Stones. Pretty much the same stones as last year' hudson valley comp. so I wasn't sure where I'd be. I thought my loading wouldn't be where it was last year. Whoa ho ho! Little did I know all those swissle swassle burpee bug rice cakes have improved my stone loading! Nothing especially impressive though. I loaded 4/5 stones. 230, 260, 275, 300 and missed on 330. Heights were 60", 54" 48"? and 46"? I don't know they were high and I couldn't see over some of them!

2nd overall. Lots of fun. 200lb class was very competitive and right up to the last event it was any man's win. I actually think the placement of our competitors was the same as their placement in the stones event, we were so close. Kudos to all the 200lb guys. Everyone really pushed each other.

Thanks to steve and everyone who helped with the show. There were just shy of a trillion competitors, but everything went smoothly. I was especially impressed by the 40, 50 and 60 year olds absolutely killing it here today. I was beat multiple times by 50 year old dudes. I met Travis Ortmayer's father too. Very motivational. Battle at the barn next?

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