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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grandeth Canyoneth

Drove into the grand canyon today and it was..

Snowing! I thought it was warmer in Arizona, I guess not. Anyway I decided to do something fun and decided to run down into the grand canyon and then back up.

Fun as hell. I wish they could have made it a little more challenging. Not! I managed to run all the way down (5miles) Pretty easy, I was booking only stopped a few times for pictures. I made it down in 40 minutes. Rested about 45 minutes, ate a few bananas and then set on the way back up.

Holy crap, its a 3,000ft elevation change from the bottom to the top and 5 miles of switch backs. I tried running a switch back and then walking the next one. This worked for about 3 miles and I had to walk the rest. I would have kept with the running if it weren't for my legs cramping up and being about to pass out.

Grand Canyon is amazing and words can't really describe it. If you ever get a chance to run down bright angel trail try and beat my time! 40 minutes down and 1 hour 25 minutes back up. I feel like I'm going to pass out!

Oh ya, I bought a cable to upload my pictures here. This was the picture at the trail head to bright angel trail.

Next stop Vegas! Not before some delicious beers though...


Steph said...

Make sure you drink some water with those beers babe!

djpope said...

I drank the beer out of my camelbak, that's hydrating right?