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Saturday, April 3, 2010

4/2/10 No Quit

Afternoon Training

Track Work Son! Haven’t done this in years. I ran track in college for Rutgers, missed doing these workouts as tough as they can be sometimes…

Lots of running drills:

400 meters - 75 sec.
400 meters - 76 sec.
200 meters - 32 sec.
200 meters - 34 sec.
400 meters - 82 sec.
400 meters - 78 sec.

Hip and hamstring stretch

60 seconds rest between sets - felt pretty winded after the last set but recovered very quickly, felt like a kid on Christmas day about 5 minutes after I was finished. I would love to take my times down to 30 seconds on the 200s and 65 seconds on the 400s.

Science Alert!
I definitely run with an anterior tilt - meaning I run with my hips tilted forward. Now I know why I pulled my hamstring so often in college. This effectively shuts down the function of the glutes during running and over emphasizes the hamstrings. I just need to work on my technique and running drills to fix this!

I find it funny that coaches always prescribe exercises to their athletes but never explain the rational behind why they are giving them. Now I know why.. Because they don’t know why they’re doing it! I was doing thousands of running drills through college with poor technique with never a clue why I was doing them. Great way to build bad habits. Go figure!

Guy above is world record holder sergei bubka - I used to do that crud in college

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