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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/2/2011 - Where my dogs at


Back. Been sitting in the middle of a deload week twiddling my fingers and making new stuff for my gyms.

New Additions

215lb Sand Bag
300lb Sand bag
100lbs of chain courtesy of the man myth and legend Chris Skvir
Pulley system to do assisted one handed pullups
Some smaller chains and carabiners to do goofy stuff
Propane heater - I'm really afraid of blowing up from a propane explosion now.

Well today was a mish mash of shtuff. I twiddled my thumbs for a bit, did some band stuff, did some cable stuff. Then I did some handstands and hand walking. Some pistols 9I'm getting better!)then I did some human flags and variations of that. I danced by myself to DMX in the cold and dark. All in all, a good session. Looking forward to some strong training coming up next week after this deload. Going after that elusive one handed pullup... Or I'll get bored of training it and get stopped short like I usually do!


MikeBaturin said...

I will be making my comeback soon. Unfortunately I took about 20 steps back.

djpope said...

Michael, I love you. you're welcome back whenever you want. Matt's been asking where you've been. You didn't slip too far now.