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Thursday, November 18, 2010

deload is boring

Well, I'll start with some backstory.

Tuesday night, party at a friends. Lots of drinking, a couple hours of wrestling and then got lost outside. Couldn't find my way back to the apartment so I ran home. 10.7 miles.


Anyway, my foot is all messed up, no surprise there. Deload week has been a bit boring, today was fun. Been training with an old friend of mine, Matt.

Dynamic warmup

Some muscleup practice

Weighted pullups
warmups then...
100 x 6 - dunno if this is a best

Some interval work. 30 on 30 off the whole time
Ring dips / handstand pushups / ring pushups / Toes to bar / situps / knees to elbows
2 sets then done. Thats all.

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