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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Training in solitude.

Trained out in the dark by myself today. Its getting cold! Fun feeling being out there by yourself, its just tough to get moving.

Nice long dynamic warmup foam roll and stretch

14" Box Squats(+bands)
45 x 5, 5
135 x 3
135 + purples x 3
135 + purples + greens x 3
185 + purples + greens x 3
205 + purples + greens x 3
225 + purples + greens x 1
225 + purples + greens + blues x 1 - my setup is not as good as I'd like it. After the blues were added the squat rack comes off the floor with the pick off the rack. Had to put more weight on it to hold it down. Really feeling like this hits one of my major weaknesses, upper back strength.

Squat Cleans - didn't go too heavy on the box squats so I could do these bad boys
95 x 5, 5
115 x 3
135 x 1, 1
155 x 1
175 x 1
195 x 1
215 x 1
235 x 1
245 x 1 - surprised by how good these felt. typically feel terrible. The last two sets were very slow and my upper back rounded. Prolly had some more in the tank but the reps would have looked horrendous.

Met-con: Got this from Mickey. AMRAP 15min.
95lb hang squat clean x 10 / burpee pullups x 10

9 rounds 10 squat cleans and 6 burpee pullups. Dead tired. Happy with that.

I know I sound crazy because I'm in PT school and learning all this crazy kinsesiology and biomechanics but I'm finding that I bare more weight on my left leg. Partly because my rt. knee gets tender sometimes but its making my left hip really tight. Thought that was relevant to note.

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