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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dumpy workout today. So weak going back into it. I'm lifting on grass which makes it extremely difficult to olympic lift. Changing this soon.

Foam Roll Dynamic warmup

MB Overhead throw and retrieve 3 x 10
SL Lateral Jump 3 x 5/side

Squat Snatch - full depth
95 x lots of 1-3 reps
105 x lots of 1-3 reps. Having extreme difficulty at the bottom portion of the lift.

Deadlift - first rep on ground, last rep in the ground
315 2 x 5 - easy but didn't feel great.

Ring L-sit raise 3 x 10

Car Pushes 3 x 80 yards Honda Civic

I hate losing strength. Olympic lifts are hard!

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