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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Grocery list

Haven't posted in a bit. Wanted to give you guys an idea of what I put into my shopping cart on a weekly basis. I like shopping at trader joe's and I do get some select things from Wegman's and a local produce place called produce junction.

Trader Joe's is probably the cheapest place I have been able to find organic products and is a great place to shop for a health conscious individual! Here's what I bought today from trader Joe's.

1. Organic bananas
2. Kerrygold Irish Butter, unsalted(grass-fed)
3. Bacon! (not pasteured though)
4. Eggs - I usually get eggs from my parent's chickens but once in a while I'll get some supplemental eggs here.
5. Dr. Bronner's soap - all organic oils, no strange perfumes or chemicals
6. Cheddar Cheese (grass fed, would be better if it were raw too)
7. Olive oil
8. Organic extra virgin olive oil
9. Organic Garlic'
10. Limes
11. Organic Carrots
12. Avocados
13. Organic Romaine hearts
14. Organic baby spinach
15. Yellow Onions
16. Coconut Milk
17. Organic green tea
18. Organic salsa
19. Gluten free oatmeal
20. Wild caught salmon
21. Organic Broccoli
22. Organic frozen blue berries
23. Organic frozen Strawberries

I try and do organic as much as possible. If I find I can't afford all organic I'll try and follow the dirty dozen (

I recently put an order in for 1/5th of a cow from Neptune Farms in Salem County NJ. This is 70-90lbs of all cuts of meat including organs and bones! I'm pretty pumped about it. The farm is organic and the cows are 100% grass-fed. Going to be sweet.

I also purchase some raw, grass-fed milk from my main man Alvin at Spring Water Farm / Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy in paradise pennsylvania. I buy a bunch of gallons and freeze them and they taste fine after thawing. Contact Alvin at (717) 442-9208.

If you are looking for local, pasteured/grass-fed food try That's where I found Neptune farms. Often times you can get organic/pasteured products much cheaper then you can find them in other places. I found Alvin at You can find other people supplying real milk there as well. Get your health on.


Brigette said...

hmm I left a comment earlier, where is it!? Anyway...whenever you and steph decide to make babies, they are going to have super powers! haha Keep up the good work!

djpope said...

lol, thanks brigette. Lets hope I don't get hungry one night and eat the baby.