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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love goats.

8/27/2011 - Deadlifts! Coming off of a deload, I'm excited to get this crackin.

Dynamic Warmup and Hip/Core prehab work

Deadlift (No belt)SS w/Banded broad Jumps x 5 - 10
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
410 x 10 - PR with no belt. Finally getting this to come around again. back is feeling better.

Tire Flip Sled Reverse + Drag Medley (250lbs x 150')
550 x 8 + drag
700 x 8 + drag
800 x 8 + drag - Definitely getting stronger at tire work.

Focus mit work. Fun stuff here. Still doing the 4,000kcal per day. thinning out still. My strength is still whoopin butt.

I started doing some meditation and yoga in the mornings. I catered the yoga poses and strengthening exercises for improving my posture and the results have been great. Meditation is an awesome and powerful tool.


Russ Panick said...

Pope, I would love to get into meditation but I have no idea how to meditate...stupid huh?lol

djpope said...

Hey Russ its easy to learn! I learned from jon kabat zinn, he teaches about mindfullness meditation. You can get his audio cds or his book full catastrophe living. Both are great!