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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Living in an Amish paradise

Been relaxing hard these past few days. Had a road trip with Steph out to Lancaster PA to pick up some raw dairy. At first Steph was getting pissed because we drove all the way out here and haven't seen any Amish yet. Then we almost crashed into an Amish gentlman driving his coach cart in the middle of the road. From that point on in the trip it was Amish paradise! (literally the name of the town was paradise).

Every street was covered in horse manure. It was great. These are some hard working people. We were there until about 8pm and everyone; men, women and children were all doing manual labor outside the entire time. There homes were perfectly landscaped and taken care of.

We met up with Big Alvin my bro from another mo at his Amish farm in the middle of nowhere PA. This guy was legit. He had a beard for days and fingers like jumbo hotdogs. Really cool guy and his farm was awesome. We spent over a hundred bucks on food (great prices for the quality) and he was pumped to show us his cows and chickens. Sadly, our visit with Alvin had to end and he rode off into the sunset with his scooter(Amish people don't use automobiles) back to his home. First time I've ever seen a full grown man use a scooter with a purpose.

Here's what we bought:
Pork Leaf Lard $5
4lbs of ground beef $4.75/lb
2 quartz heavy cream $10 each
5 gallons milk $6 a gallon
20oz cheddar and smoked cheese $7/lb
Raw honey
Cultured butter $11/lb

All dairy products were raw and 100% grass-fed. Amish people really know how to party.
Check out Alvin's farm. He has drop points in Williamstown and Palmyra NJ if you're interested in his stuff but don't want to travel too far.

Lancaster County - Paradise: Spring Water Farm (Alvin Stoltzfus). 694 Country Lane, Paradise PA 17562. or (717) 442-9208. Licensed raw milk from 100% grass-fed Dutch Belted (heritage breed) cows. Certified organic by PCO. Sold in stores as Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy. Sold at Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op (717-786-5424). Bottling license to sell raw milk off-premises. Kefir, yogurt, cheddar and colby cheeses. Pork from Tamworth (heritage-breed) pigs living outdoors on pasture. Pastured turkey, chicken, eggs. 100% grass-fed beef. No Sunday sales. Several weeky/bi-weekly "buying clubs" in Philadelphia area.

I'm going to go eat myself into a dairy induced coma.

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