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Monday, December 13, 2010

well hello there pal

12/13/2010 - Dynamic Lower

New PR for weather. 31 degrees 20mph winds. A bit warm for my liking. Had to dump ice cubes in my pants between sets of squats to cool off.

Dynamic warmup

Power Snatch - feel like these always stay the same. 5 x 3
95 x 5
135 x 3
155 x 3
145 x 3
165 x 3 - form was shifty, decided not to go up
155 x 3

Front Squats 4 x 4 - since working on my flexibility these feel more comfortable(that's actually not a lie)
95 x 4
115 x 4
135 x 4
165 x 4
185 x 4
205 x 4
225 x 4
235 x 4 - belt on. Surprisingly felt ok, nice deep squats too. Knees feel great.

Barbell Reverse Lunges 4 x 12
95 x 12/leg
115 x 12/leg
135 x 12/leg
155 x 12/leg Like a boss! Lunge strength coming back around.

SS Lunges w/Ring Stir the Pot 4 x 12 - actually didn't make this one up completely, check out stuart McGill he made this crazy shit up.

95lb Overhead Squat / 20 box jumps - 10min. AMRAP - 5 jumps short of 6 rounds.

Overhead squats feeling more comfy. Legs were crying after all the lower body work that was going on but I told them to grab sack and stop being bitches.

Matt brought in a dry erase board so we're going to start making gym records and stuff. So far we have a wall of shame for people to put up their excuses. I started it off with one from Mike. I couldn't come today because my dog would have been cold. Good start we have there.

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