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Monday, December 6, 2010

Long Day


Had my neuroscience practical today. Never spent so much time analyzing brutalized human brains, it was great!

Trained in the cold outdoors! 33 degrees 20mph winds. mmmhmmm. Gym's looking great. i need to find a space to put band for deads and benches. Have some motivational quotes up. Got a new recruit today. Greg, and I'm sure he will be sore for about a week.

LONG dynamic warmup and static stretch.

Dynamic Speed deadlifts 10 x 1 @ 285 - just realized I was trying to do 50% of my max. whoops. Doing speed deads and oly lifts on the same day may be too much. Think I may be just do more sets of oly next week

Squat Clean - first time going back to lower body lifts, foot feeling good.
95 x 5, 5
135 x 3
185 x 3
205 x 3
225 x 3 - sloppy, lost form on the way up. Left groin has been acting up lately. Feels tight all the time. I stretch it really well before every lift but lately its been tight and weak. Called it here.

Barbell Reverse Lunges
135 x 10/leg x 3 sets - felt my left groin here. Ass was cramping up pretty good. Always a good sign.

Ring Body Saw 3 x 10

Amrap 12 minutes
135lb Squat Clean x 5 / 5 handstand pushups / 10 burpees / 3 muscle ups

6 rounds and 1 squat clean. Very difficult in the cold. Really watched my form on the cleans. Burpees were a real gasser. Cleans definitely held me back. Good circuit.

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