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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank you everyone

Hey guys, my training has been excellent lately and I need to get back to posting! However I have a more important topic to blog about...

I had an excellent birthday. I went to school and was greeted with a warm happy birthday from all of my classmates. I had a bunch of texts and facebook happy birthdays as well as a bunch of calls from my best friends and family.

Later I had an awesome workout training with old and new friends. We have so much fun everyday I look forward to driving 45 minutes to my parent's place to train and see my parents.

I had an awesome dinner with my family. you guys have been there supporting me since day one and I can't tell you how important you all are for me. Later I had an incredible dinner with my lovely girlfriend Steph. She's there for me everyday putting up with my nonsense and supporting me with all of my crazy ideas.

I love all of my friends as well, I look forward to everyday because I know I'll be able to hang out and enjoy my time with them.

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to everyone and thank you for making my life what it is. You guys are the reason I love life.


bsherry said...

i love you

djpope said...

Love is love, lost but not forgotten. Figure that one out.