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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Been some time since I posted. Busy! Anyway, here's a quote from Alexander Karelin, probably the greatest wrestler, and definitely one of the most dominant athletes of all time. He went for a streak of 13 years never losing a match and went something ridiculous like 8 years without even being scored on.

Karelin has a famous quote for his jealous cohorts, No one can believe that I am natural. The most important drug is to train like a madman, really like a madman.The people who accuse me are those who have never trained once in their life as I train every day of my life..

Pretty intense, it really makes the point that people need to change their mind sets in order to reach their own goals.

Here is also a blip about him i copied from another website

Alexander Karelin is a man who can't be beaten by mere mortals.Nurtured by the pagan gods of the Siberian white deserts , Karelin has evolved himself into a superman , enlarged in both body and mind.

Karelin is the man to lose to in Greco-Roman super-heavyweight wrestling - beating him is out of the question.He has won the gold in this category in the last three Olympics , and has never lost an international match , an amazing record in over 13 years of competition.

Karelin has won world and European championships without enduring hardship , and of all the athletes in Sydney , his grip on gold is firmest.

Karelin is mainly dreaded for a harrowing manoeuvre that turns giant opponents into pygmies : the reverse flip , or the reverse body-slam.He has developed a habit of throwing his opponents over his head , and then slamming his 130-kg body on the miserable opponent.

Karelin did not really develop this move , though ; it had been in use by wrestlers in lower weight categories.Karelin only adopted it in his category , a feat that had never been seen in the heavyweight category because it requires terrifying strength.And Karelin has that terrifying strength.

Karelin is rumoured to train amid swirling snowstorms , jogging through waist-deep snow , carrying logs on his back , and pushing sleds.Though it is not confirmed whether he can do all this at the same time , what is certain is the fact that never even a whiff of rumour of drug use has ever come close to him.

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