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Thursday, March 3, 2011

droppin loads

Still the old boring deload.

Dynamic warmup - been adding in some cardio for the ticker.

Lots of L-seat/bubka/planche/lever work

Strict Pullup SS w/band dynamic stick chop (figure the one out) 4 x 5
25lbs x 6
35 x 4
45 x 2
35 x 6
50 x 4
70 x 2
50 x 6
70 x 4
90 x 2 - no swing

Band Facepullapart - double contract 2 x 12
DB Pronate/supinate curls 2 x 12/direction

Car Push 2 x 75steps uphill


Still feeling sharty from all the stress from school. Three more exams next week and midterms are over. Hoping for a sick ass week coming up.


5 small eggs fried
1 onion
lotsa mushrooms
olive oil
coconut oil - get those fats in brother
Raw sheep milk locatelli
All fried together in a happy medley

Bone broth w/vegetables (lots of minerals, protein, glycoaminoglycans(like glutamine, for your joints!)

2:00pm (wasn't hungry for a long time after all that delicious for breakfast)
3 mashed sweet potatoes with butter
Salmon with chimichurri sauce (trader Joe's)

5:00 - 1/2 smoothie 3 bananas, 2 oranges, strawberries, 1 grapefruit

6-7:30 - 25g BCAA and h2o

8:00p - 1/2 smoothie

10:00 - sweet potato fries in olive oil and spices
Bone broth
Salad - romaine, carrots, tomato, celery this week.
Olive/walnut oil dressing
Salmon (same as earlier)

I keep it real. Pumped for my shoulder clinic tomorrow for class! Going to Philly to learn from a shoulder Physical therapy clinic.

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