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Monday, March 22, 2010

God I miss Strongman so much. Been training for this crossfit competition that is this saturday. Can't wait to be done. I can't say the change of pace wasn't great, it was but I want to get back to my passion - lifting stupid heavy ridiculous objects. Man, I must be some kind of weirdo if this is my passion.

Wanted to post more here but I've been very busy. Anyhow its getting slower so i think I'll be blowing up the blog with some more fun stuff soon.

This picture is from the last annual Philadelphia WingBowl where my best friend Jon Squibb won eating 238 wings in 30 minutes - 90wings more then second place.

In the picture is the #1 ranked competitive eater joey chestnut winner of the hotdog eating competitions(yes he beat the asian eater tobiyashi) hanging out with Jon's strippers. Next year its Joey vs. jon. Its going to be big!

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